The “Ente Jilla” mobile application for obtaining information on government offices is growing in popularity

The app makes it easy to access the contact number, location and email address of each state government office

Browsing the web for the phone number or location of a government office while on the road can leave someone frustrated.

The search engine may display the wrong or even nonexistent number, and the location of the office on the online map may not be accurate. This dilemma is largely resolved through the “Ente Jilla” mobile application developed and deployed by the National Informatics Center (NIC) in August.

The app makes it easy to access the contact number, location, and email address of every government office in the state. You can choose the district and the app transparently guides the different government offices by department. By selecting the office, you can make a call, locate it on the map, write a notice or send an e-mail, all from the same interface. The services available in each office are also listed next to it.

“The app listed the 1,250 government offices in Ernakulam district. The app is estimated to have been downloaded in the thousands, according to the conservative estimate of at least one agent from all offices using the app, coupled with downloads by the public. We also get an average of 300 to 400 app notifications per day, ”said George Eapen, deputy district IT manager, NIC, Ernakulam.

However, not all reviews are complimentary. There have been cases where people have complained that a number was not working or that the app even provided the wrong number. In such cases, NIC immediately corrects the contact information in consultation with the office concerned.

There are also many criticisms of the agents’ non-responsiveness or negative attitude. “The journals are monitored daily by a team headed by an assistant collector. Affected officers are contacted and asked to make amends based on these critical reviews. Steps are being taken to ensure that no complaints are repeated, ”said Eapen. Citizen ratings and reviews of each office are open to the public.

While app users can write reviews, they can now only formally submit grievances to the Collector. However, it is possible to co-opt the service to submit grievances to individual agents as needed.

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