The Google Phone app silently changes the font to “Google Sans Text”


In addition to unveiling Material You, Google at I / O 2021 last month discussed how “GS Text” is the company’s new font and is starting to appear in more proprietary apps. Google Sans Text is now used by the Phone app on Android.

This change has been made discreetly in recent days with version 66.0 of the Phone application. Google Sans Text is “designed for smaller point sizes and perfectly suited to body text”. It builds on Google Sans, which is a size-optimized version of Product Sans, from 2018.

GS Text, as it is also called, was introduced last year and the company has confirmed that it is starting to be adopted. We’ve seen this in limited testing for Gboard before, but it was recently removed for all users ahead of a larger Material You overhaul.

In the Google Phone app, you see it used for contact names and various user interface labels / parts, like “Frequent”. Like the letter “G”, an uppercase “Q” is a telling – larger than before – example of Google Sans Text.

The change is applied in all the Favorites, Recents and Contacts tabs, but the T9 part of the numeric keypad remains the same as before.

Version 66.0 of Phone by Google is currently in beta.

Google Textless Phone

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