The Official Batman Site Reveals New Joker Sequel Hint

A mysterious new clue seems to suggest that Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight may have to face the Joker in any sequel to The Batman.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Batman..

Matt Reeves official website The Batman teased fans with riddles and now it seems to hint at what could happen in the sequel.

Fans visiting the website will now be greeted with a message from the Riddler. He says he’s “safe here. With my new friend. We’ll see you soon”, and offers to download several files. However, if the website is then refreshed, a different message appears, congratulating the visitor and offering a second reward. This is a new Riddler cipher that has been translated by fans. It reads, “Gotham loves a comeback.” There are also the words “ha ha” scrawled in the margins, suggesting that the Riddler’s return could include the Joker.

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When The Batman ends, the Riddler is in Arkham Asylum after Batman stops his crime spree. In the cell next to him is an unidentified prisoner who speaks to the Riddler and says “Gotham likes a comeback”. The mysterious character also laughs in a way that immediately identifies him as the Joker. The website with the message was introduced at the very end of the film’s credits and is a character website for the Riddler.

Director and screenwriter Matt Reeves has confirmed that this “nameless prisoner of Arkham” played by Barry Keoghan is indeed the Joker, but not quite the Joker everyone expects. Instead, Reeves considers him a “pre-Joker Joker” and says the character is in the early stages of his journey. Despite the hints, Reeves declined to confirm the Joker would appear in a sequel. “I don’t know if the Joker would be in the next movie,” Reeves explained, “but I can tell you this is what you see, it’s an early day version of that character, and the problem, as always , is brewing in Gotham.”

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This scene at Arkham Asylum is the only scene with Keoghan that made it to the final cut of The Batman, but it was not the only one that was filmed. An earlier scene saw Keoghan encounter Robert Pattinson’s Batman, as part of the Dark Knight’s investigation of the Riddler.

“There was a previous scene where Batman went to Arkham to try to profile the Riddler, and Barry is in that scene,” Reeves revealed. “It’s a really cool scene, and I’m sure we’ll post the scene after the movie comes out, because it’s a really cool deleted scene.”

The Batman is available in theaters now.

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