The Pagani website loading screen is a nod to the Signature Quad exhaust

GIF: Pagani/Steve Da Silva

This weekend, Pagani is exhibiting cars in Italy. One of them, the Huayra R, has never been seen by the public before. It weighs pounds, produces power and goes miles an hour and none of us will ever afford to touch one anyway so let’s focus on something a little more realistic: the loading screen of the Pagani website.

If you’ve ever been on the internet, you’re probably familiar with the traditional loading icon that’s a hollow circle that fills in. If you do not have Been on the Internet before, how did you get here? I could have sworn our RSS to fax system has melted.

This guy, you know him. A friend.
GIF: Pagani/Steve Da Silva

Anyway, most websites will show you that they load with a single circle. Pagani, however, was not satisfied with this. It was necessary After, oh so much more. So the company pressed Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V several times and assembled four loading circles.

Sure, it’s more visually appealing than just one, but there’s more to it. When you think of Pagani, what visuals popular out? The strange, indented, bug-like the headlights are one. Of course, the cars often have a fairly similar overall shape. But there’s something else, something we poor people will probably only see behind velvet ropes at prestigious car shows: the quad. exhaust.

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Photo: Pagani

Paganis have a distinctive four-pipe stack exhaust, and it is clearly what inspired the italian supercar of the company website loading screen. We love that kind of charming attention to detail. Is it great art? Probably not. Is it camping? I really can’t answer that. But is it a nice and fun touch that probably required minimal effort from the brand? Absolutely.

Dear car makers: Add more fun, charm things to your websites. Give us little Easter eggs to notice as we go through the cars we’ll never afford to buy. This takes the bite out of your prices.

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