The ranking of an ACC coaches website is awful


FSU head football coach Mike Norvell had a tough first season in 2020. The Noles went 3-6, but likely beat Georgia Tech if Jordan Travis was the quarterback.

However, it’s neither here nor there since Travis couldn’t train much at fall camp due to injuries.

Mike Norvell was the only ACC coach entering his first year in a new location while facing an unprecedented time during a pandemic.

Not to mention the situation he inherited with a coach sacked during the season the previous year.

His track record before that speaks for itself, so I thought it was hilarious when a website ranked him as the 10 best coach in the ACC.

Of course, I have no problem with Dabo at # 1 and Mack Brown at # 2. However, the list is for the most part to shit after that.

How the hell is Bronco Mendenhall No.3? The guy has been below 0.500 since arriving in Virginia in 2016. Yes, the program has seen some improvement, but let’s not act like the Cavaliers are an unstoppable force on the horizon. However, I guess I have to give him credit for his time at BYU.

Dave Clawson is a good coach and I respect what he did in Wake Forest with limited resources. David Cutcliffe at # 5? Did these guys think it was 2013? Duke won just two games in 2020.

If they punish Mike Norvell for the 2020 season, how is Cutcliffe in 5th place? I have no problem with Pat Narduzzi as Pitt consistently wins 7-8 games each year under his leadership.

Manny Diaz at # 7? Leave me alone. He’s 14-10 as a head coach with five of those wins against three FCS teams and two of the worst FSU teams of all time. Four of those losses are against the CRF, Duke, Louisiana Tech and a team from Georgia Tech that won three games that year. He won against TWO ranked teams in his career.

If we look at the head coaches as a whole, there is no reason for Cutcliffe, Manny Diaz or Jeff Hafley to be ranked ahead of Mike Norvell, who is 41-21 as a head coach.

He also has more wins on ranked teams than Diaz and Hafley. Here’s a list that makes more sense:

  1. Wuhan Dabo
  2. Mack Brown
  3. Pat Narduzzi
  4. Dave clawson
  5. Dave doeren
  6. Bronco Mendenhall
  7. Mike Norvell
  8. Jeff Hafley
  9. Manny Diaz
  10. David Cutcliffe
  11. Justin fuente
  12. Scott Satterfield
  13. Geoff collins
  14. Dino Babers

Some of these lists are getting out of hand. At least give some background on how you came to this conclusion.


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