The Sizini mobile application is recognized for its exceptional innovation


7T, cutting edge technology Dallas custom software development company, is proud to announce that its Sizini mobile app has been recognized in Fast Company’s 2021 Global Evolving Ideas list.

“At 7T, we are developing cutting edge technology that solves real world problems and Sizini is a wonderful example of that,” explained Kishore Khandavalli, Founder and CEO of 7T, Inc. He added, “Sizini is a next-generation mobile fitting application that harnesses augmented reality (AR) technology to create a virtual dressing room. It’s a one-of-a-kind app that solves two issues that online clothing retailers regularly face: improper sizing and the inability to visualize the appearance of the garment on the shopper. “

Sizini turns the user’s smartphone into a virtual dressing room by capturing key measurements and selecting the right size clothes. Then, the application offers an AR environment where the buyer can practically “wear” the garment. This makes the shopping experience very real for the buyer, while ensuring a better fit so as to minimize returns for the merchant.

Sizini combines complex machine learning algorithms and augmented reality technology using a smartphone to create a virtual dressing room.

The Sizini mobile application from 7T has been recognized in the North America category for the List of ideas that change around the world for 2021.

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