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SOMERVILLE, Mass., November 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – A new mobile app, Audri.Vie, announced the Home-Place Project, which invites everyone to share a story about how their family came to live where they live, and to tell travelers and future generations something special about every city or town original. App Founder Rebecca Chase says, “This is an opportunity to explore your own history and show your appreciation for a wonderful feature of your hometown, be it a hiking trail. , a hidden historical place or a favorite meeting place. The Home-Place project helps people securely share what matters to them, anonymously or not.

It is estimated that Americans make more than 700,000,000 road trips and spend 74 billion hours of leisure time in their cars each year. Many travelers don’t have time to stop along the way, but say they are curious about off-road life and would like to know the places they pass. Common questions include:

  • “Who lives here and why? “
  • “Is there a special place to eat here?” “
  • “If I took a break from driving, what could I do here?” “
  • “What would my life be like if I lived here?” “
  • “Where can I walk my dog? “

Chase says, “Especially now, with major investments in infrastructure, let’s get our road network out of the game!” Highways bring road travelers closer to places, people and ideas they would never have otherwise experienced, and Audri.Life creates untapped opportunities for exploration, pleasure and understanding.

Audri.Life wants everyone to keep their eyes on the road. The participatory app is fully voice interactive, responding to voice commands and queries as users travel, sharing hyper-local stories, games, and invites uploaded by local residents. Stories are typically two to five minutes long and relate to the places travelers pass, exactly when they are curious. Chase says, “It’s all the fun to get lost, but without the risk.”

People post on the app for a wide variety of reasons. For example, supported by a grant from Massachusetts Humanities, the Town of Montague is working with Audri.Life to create a “River Culture Tour” on shared heritage along the Connecticut River. Museum curators, restaurateurs, master brewers, traders, artists and local residents all tell their part of the story and invite visitors to come and see for themselves.

Basically, Audri.Life is a platform for generous people who want to share their personal experiences with those who want to listen. People can listen to samples, watch how-to videos, and learn how to share their story on Audri.Vie.

Audri.Life will facilitate recordings across Massachusetts in December and January. Use the Contact to find out about the registration program and see what’s new on Facebook.

For more information, contact [email protected], 617-901-0329.

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