To facilitate and extend Udyam registrations Suggested mobile app functionality

To facilitate and extend Udyam registrations Suggested mobile app functionality

New Delhi, Dec 3 (KNN) The central government launched the Udyam registration portal on July 1, 2020 to speed up the ease of doing business for MSMEs.

He had crossed 50 lakhs of recordings in almost 15 months, marking the values ​​of digital inclusiveness.

Regardless of the benefits and advantages it offers to MSMEs, this initiative has not elicited the response it expected.

Amarendu Nandy, assistant professor at IIM Ranchi in his opinion piece for Financial Express, wrote on a similar perspective with co-author Aayush Anand, a student at the Institute of Management.

“The key problem leading to a wrong answer could be the fear of over-scrutiny of business operations by government agencies and the associated increase in compliance costs for businesses,” said Nandy and Anand.
To address this problem, the government should allay these concerns by creating robust surveillance systems that can stop the undue harassment of small traders due to unauthorized access and abuse of user information, they suggested.

Creating additional incentives for the onboarding process and raising awareness of the process and benefits of Udyam registration will help encourage the sector’s response, Nandy and Anand said.
They also pointed out that there are no official apps dedicated to Udyam recording given the easy access to using mobile apps.

Therefore, recording should be moved to an app-based process, both suggested.

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