Trump’s social media magic seems to be dissipating


Donald trumpThe new digital media game isn’t exactly the social media heavyweight one might have expected it to be trying to unleash since leaving the White House. Instead, the former president launched a personal ‘communications platform’ otherwise known as blogging – a throwback to the pre-Instagram personal websites style that celebrities once used to share their daily activities. with the fans. No longer able to post on Twitter and Facebook, which both banned it following the riot on Capitol Hill, the 45th president now expresses his many grudges and grievances under the title “From Donald J. Trump’s Office”. The site launched several weeks after adviser Trump Jason Miller claims that Trump would soon “completely redefine” the social media game by creating a new platform, a PR promise that, so far, couldn’t be further from the truth.

There’s significantly less engagement and far fewer visitors to Trump’s new site than the attention he’s received on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, according to NBC News. Using data compiled by online analytics firm BuzzSumo, the NBC report noted that the platform only gained around 212,000 engagements. Alternatively, a message on the former president’s Twitter account is often received over a million likes, featuring each of his thoughts to consume the news cycle and the nation’s attention. Even the Trump brand has seriously deflated online since it was ditched by Facebook and Twitter in January. NewsWhip, an agency that studies the use of social media, recently reported that social media entries mentioning Trump have fallen by about 91%, according to Axios. Amid that decline, the Trump campaign has used old-fashioned emails that include short statements from Trump about stories in the news – including a recent memo calling this year’s outraged Kentucky Derby winner “junkyHorse – which reporters then share on Twitter via screenshots, giving the former president a back door to the conversation on social media.

“From the Desk” users can like the entries and share them on more popular platforms – like the ones Trump is no longer allowed to use. But unlike most blogging platforms, readers cannot comment or otherwise interact with the articles. “In the case of Trump’s new platform, it’s so technologically primitive that there’s no way its followers can even migrate,” the Binghamton University technology professor said. Jeremy blackburn in a comment to NBC News.

Still, Trump’s new blog has at least one avid reader to date. Senator Marco rubio tried to squeeze its America First authenticity into a E-mail to supporters who noted that he “was fortunate enough to be [mentioned in] one of his first posts ”, referring to the new“ platform ”of the former president.

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