Ukrainians in Colorado watch the invasion unfold on social media

Ukrainians living in Colorado receive updates via social media almost every minute of the day.

DENVER — Ukrainians living in Colorado fear for their families back home, receiving updates via social media almost every minute of the day.

For Artem Butenko, Telegram channels provide constant information about his family back home.

“Every couple of minutes I get an update on my phone about something happening in Ukraine,” Butenko said. “It’s hard, but it’s the reality. Everyone has to accept it.”

The war is broadcast in real time on social networks. Every war video in its home country is hard to watch.

“My grandmother is in the village. She is hiding in a basement with other friends and my family,” Butenko said. “It’s not always possible to keep in touch, but at least we know they’re fine. They tell us if they’re not fine. If they don’t answer for a long time, we start to worry. Everyone is starting to worry.”

Every time he sees a message that the air raid sirens are going off in a town where he has family members, his heart races. He said the time it takes for his family to let him know they are safe can seem like an eternity.

The same goes for Oksana Motsiuk. She is now an American citizen, but her family is still back in Ukraine. Constant information is exhausting.

“Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, all kinds of social media. I go from program to program on my phone,” Motsiuk said. “I sleep with my phone, if I can call it sleeping, because it’s at most one or two hours a night. I wake up and I check, check, check with my family. Are you alive?”

From Ukraine to Colorado, the world is watching.

“It’s awful,” Motsiuk said. “It’s heartbreaking because a lot of my family members are still back in Ukraine.”

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