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The pandemic that started raging across the globe in 2020 has brought about a truly massive paradigm shift in various economies and industries. While most industries have been on a downward trend, one industry that has actually seen positive growth over this period is the apps industry. Many people were blocked in 2020 as well as parts of 2021, so suffice it to say that this resulted in many more apps being downloaded and used on each individual device during this period.

The average number of apps a single device in the United States would open on a monthly basis was around 47 in 2019, and this has increased significantly to 50 apps in 2020. This has allowed many app developers to increase their revenue a bit, but in 2021 the growth rate reversed and there was actually a decrease in the number of apps that users would open on their phones and tablets in 2021. Everyone knew that this rate of growth was not sustainable, and 2021 proved that it was in fact the case.

A rather worrying thing is that the decrease in app usage exceeded 6%. That meant it also represented a 1% decrease from 2019, although the numbers aren’t as stark as some would like to believe. Another way to look at it is that people’s app usage is returning to pre-pandemic levels, which makes a lot of sense given that life has returned to normal in many parts of the world in 2021. so people weren’t as dependent on apps as before. to be.

However, while app usage is now more or less similar to what it looked like in 2019, the types of apps people tend to use are quite different from what we could see over the course of This year. Financial apps grew by 32.5%, business apps did even better with growth of 48.9% and food apps continue to grow despite the suspension of lockdowns with a growth rate of 25.1% . This indicates that people now have different preferences when it comes to the apps they can use on a daily basis.

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