Unsuspecting vehicle owners tricked through scam website

HSRP scam: Unsuspecting vehicle owners were tricked through scam website

News recently emerged that a handful of vehicle owners seeking to apply for and receive high security license plates have been defrauded. Yes, according to a recent report from ETAuto, vehicle owners who applied for the new license plates were cheated: while the owners made payments for the required service, i.e. new plates registration as mandated by the authorities, they never received service after the transaction. It should be noted that only people who have made payments on a fraudulent website, namely HSRPservice.online. It should be noted that the official government website for registering for HSRP and / or color coded stickers is bookmyhsrp.com, which is integrated with the country’s central Vahan database.

The ETAuto report notes that the website home page now has the following message: “This site is privately owned and is not operated by, or affiliated with, any government agency.” However, our attempts to access the website led us to a security warning from Google: “Attackers on hsrpservice.online may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example , passwords, phone numbers or credit cards). “

The report notes that some of the victims of the scam said that HSRPservice.online was the first link they encountered on Google when searching for the said service’s website. The report adds that late vehicle owners urgently seek to reserve HSRP for their vehicles as the UP government is fining people whose vehicles do not have HSRP.

Victims of the fraud explained that the website asked them to fill out the details via a form before asking them to make a payment of $ 475 to reserve the HSRP for their vehicle. They did not receive any updates in the days and weeks following the transaction and all emails to [email protected] went unanswered.

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