Usher in the New Year over and over again with this cool website

Created by TimeandDate, this website will have you celebrating New Years over and over again in one night!

The website is pretty straightforward, it has a countdown timer to the first time 2022 hits Earth! Once it hits zero, it plays a little 8-bit fireworks display, and then you can switch to the next time zone and participate in the New Years celebration as well! So whether you want to celebrate here in London, Moscow, or St. John’s (or all of them), this website will have you doing it.

You can even use the site to create a little personalized timer like this:

The people who host this website are big nerds too (not big nerds) and they have shared some fun facts about the New Year:

  • Due to the Earth’s faster rotation, 2022 will start 65 milliseconds early!
  • The Quadrantids, a meteor show that peaks in early January, can produce 110 shooting stars per hour (in case you missed the fireworks).
  • Oddly enough, it actually takes 26 hours for the New Year to reach all time zones on the planet.
  • In total, 2022 will begin in 38 different time zones around the world.

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Are you going to celebrate New Years again and again?

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