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Hello Times Readers! It’s great to be able to contribute regularly to this incredible local media.

I look forward to some lively discussions and hard work over the next few months and years serving East Auckland. As the new Botany-based Labor MP there has been a lot to learn over the past five months.

Even though I have managed to meet many people in our community at events, I really appreciate that people stop me on the street just to greet me and introduce themselves. Even if it’s at the supermarket or in a cafe, I really enjoy these little interactions with everyone.

As a member of Parliament, the arts, student welfare and the community sector are three areas of particular interest to me. Each of these areas has played an important role in my career in Parliament and influences my values ​​and my view of the world. I plan to share a bit about each of these areas and how they influenced me in my future columns.

However, I know people want to know more about the new housing package recently announced by the government. This week, we announced the next steps in our plan to tackle the housing crisis and make it easier for Kiwis to buy their first home.

The package includes the lifting of income ceilings on the First Home Loan and First Home Grant programs, a new Housing Acceleration Fund to speed up construction and an extension of the Apprenticeships Boost payment which has already seen 21 000 new apprentices in the construction sector.

Another step we’re taking to support first-time homebuyers is to extend the light line test from five to 10 years. The light line test, introduced by National, is designed to make flipping properties less attractive. Under the current parameters, if you buy a house and sell it within five years, you will have to pay income tax on the profits you make on the sale.

We changed these settings so that speculators pay this tax if they sell homes within 10 years. It is important to note that the clear line test does not apply to the main family home or the inherited property.

I know these changes will support the thousands of people in East Auckland who are struggling to access the property ladder. Moreover, it will also help the next generation – by preparing our community for the future.

  • Naisi Chen, Labor List MP based at Botanique

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