What is Tech? Why do social media posts about violence seem to go unnoticed?

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Why is social media posting quick about COVID-19 and right/left politics, while people using social media to talk about the school shootings go unnoticed until it’s over? too late ? It’s a good question and many people are asking it in the days following two deadly shootings.

Some of the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have algorithms and security tools to discover and report public posts, but there are now hundreds of social media networks used by Gen Z that people of other ages never even have. heard speaking about. The Uvalde, Texas shooter reportedly used the Yubo app. The Buffalo, New York
the shooter posted his plans on Discord and livestreamed his attack on Twitch.

Social media platforms monitor posts with algorithms and human moderators, but with hundreds of thousands of posts per day from millions of users, it is difficult to keep track of all posts.

Automatic gun photo bans are problematic since responsible gun owners post their photos for other enthusiasts to see. On Instagram, there are dozens of hashtags encouraging users to show their guns. The removal of public posts and photos has been a free speech issue.

Just like general public law enforcement are not allowed to view private messages unless an undercover agent receives the messages directly or they are members of the chat group. Social media companies work with law enforcement but do not alert the police to suspicious activity.

Facebook, for example, responds to police asking for information on suspects if there is a warrant. The social network also speeds up this information in certain cases when there is a known threat to public safety.

Messages and chats are encrypted, which means they are only stored on the phones that send and receive the messages. Messages never sit on social media servers.

Effective social media monitoring is left to the users. Here’s what you can do if you come across disturbing posts or messages on any platform.

Take a screenshot of the post or chat. Don’t just report it to the social network, report it to the police and show them the posts. Report it to the FBI through its advanced online tool.

Just like you would in an airport or public place, if you see something, say something.

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