What they say about the Browns’ collapse against the Jets: Social media reaction

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Browns had a 13-point lead with less than two minutes left in the fourth quarter, but gave up to Joe Flacco and the Jets in a shocking 31-30 loss on Sunday.

The Browns allowed two passing touchdowns to Flacco in the final 1:22 and failed to recover an onside kick that gave the Jets the ball for the game-winning drive. Flacco threw four touchdown passes for the Jets.

Nick Chubb rushed for three touchdowns, but the defense had too many problems for Chubb and the Browns offense to overcome.

The game was a roller coaster, as you can see on social media, especially in the final two minutes.

Here’s how social media reacted throughout the game.

first quarter

“Love this play action call from Stefanski at 2nd and short. put Brissett in a rhythm early,” tweeted Sporting News’ Jordan Zirm.

“I would say @GGramling_SI going to talk about that Jacoby Brissett spinning move and rush for a first try all night on the pod,” Sports Illustrated’s Conor Orr tweeted.

“What a Stefanski clinic. That’s the plan,” Beau Bishop, host of the Cleveland Browns Daily, tweeted after Nick Chubb’s four-yard touchdown run capped a 14-play, 90-yard drive to give the Browns a 7-0 lead.

“Great ride…perfectly scripted. Got Njoku involved, getting a push against the NYJ front. Good product. #Brown” Brad Ward of The Browns Wire tweeted.

“Saleh’s Courageous Appeal” Jeff Lloyd of Locked on Browns tweeted after the Jets converted a fake punt for a first down.

second quarter

“Buckeye. Garrett Wilson scores and it’s 7-7. WOIO-TV’s Mark Schwab tweeted.

“GARRET WILSON!!! @GarrettWilson_VOhio State receivers coach Brian Hartline tweeted.

“The Jets challenge the Browns to beat their men’s coverage on 3rd down. Cooper gets WIDE open, Brissett makes it count,” Browns Digest’s Pete Smith tweeted.

Zirm after Donovan Peoples-Jones makes a tough hold in the end zone against Sauce Gardner who was knocked down on the replay: “this should be a TD purely based on difficulty level alone. my God, DPJ”

“Jacoby Brissett is hanging out with Mr. Cooper. Amari was wide open in the end zone. His first touchdown as a Cleveland Brown. #Brown” FOX 8’s PJ Ziegler tweeted.

Black-smith: “Jadeveon Clowney just made a number of defensive errors disappear in an instant with the recovery of the backpack.”

“Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson are doing a dirty job” Cory Kinnan of The Browns Wire tweeted.

#Brunettes Broken cover after broken cover after broken cover. Something has to give because it’s beyond unacceptable,” Cody Suek of the Orange and Brown Report tweeted after the Jets tied the game at 14 on a pass from Joe Flacco to a wide-open Breece Hall.

“The cover bust has to stop, it’s one of the most simplistic defenses I’ve ever been apart of. If they have to say what they have before every shot, so be it, but it gets ridiculous #Brown” former Ohio State Security Officer Tyvis Powell tweeted.

Third quarter

Zirm: “Who is this Jacoby Brissett and what did they do with his old body”

“Amari Cooper is such a breath of fresh air for the Browns in terms of creating separation,” Smith tweeted.

“I don’t think you need touchdowns to beat the New York Jets… But one over there would definitely have been nice. #Brown” WKYC-TV’s Nick Camino tweeted.

“Throws are 7/10 on 3rd down,” NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano tweeted.

“What a kick!! #BrunettesWard tweeted.

“I’m not quite sure why the Browns are playing cushion cover in a 3-point game,” Fox University basketball announcer John Fanta tweeted.

“What’s up with the whole sweet zone???” ESPN Cleveland’s Emmett Golden tweeted.

Powell“Garrett Wilson was great at OSU, he could be even better in the league!” Man balling today #GoBucks

Black-smith: “Joe Flacco has always existed. None of the things the Browns do cheat on him at all.”

Fourth trimester

fantasies“In the past, I’ve rolled my eyes at the amount of criticism Joe Woods has. But the amount of confusion and open receivers makes me fully believe it’s justifiable today. Looks like Browns took the Jets lightly.

Hall: “#Brunettes in a battle now. Big drive right here. I moved the ball all day.

“Now would be the perfect time for Chubb-Hunt-OLine to take over. #BrunettesWKYC-TV’s Dave DeNatale tweeted.

“Beautifully executed screen for Nick Chubb. Three key blocks opened this,” Smith tweeted.

“Put Nick Chubb in the MVP race. He’s an absolutely absurd man.” Fanta tweeted after Chubb’s seven-yard touchdown gave the Browns a 24-17 lead.

“Nice block by Wills there. Credit where it is due. #short sleeves“, 92.3 fan’s Ken Carman tweeted.

Bishop: “Never take Nick Chubb for granted, perfect Brown.”

“Kareem Hunt Special” YouTuber Quincy Carrier tweeted.

Kinnan“You can’t ask for anything more from Jacoby Brissett. Just a great performance from him.

Fanta after Brissett was sacked on a game-breaking third down late in the quarter: “Jacoby Brissett was great all afternoon, but my word, you can’t take a bag there.”

Black-smith: “The Browns defense tightened on that last drive.”

“Brissett was really composed,” 92.3 The Fan’s Anthony Lima tweeted after Brissett connected with Kareem Hunt on a third screen pass to move the chains with 2:15 to go.

“Nick Chubb could be Jim Brown,” former Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins tweeted after Chubb’s third touchdown of the game.

“Nick Chubb is a cheat code. #BrunettesCBS Sports’ Aditi Kinkhabwala tweeted.

Lima“That commitment to both stud guards got the Browns into the playoffs last year. But then they’d still have Baker. They’re probably happy with their decision.

“The Browns are going to come 2-0. Next stop: the Steelers and the Falcons. So 4-0 is not out of the question,” Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer tweeted.

“Damn Batman. The jets got it. OMG,” Dustin Fox of 92.3 The Fan tweeted after the Jets recovered a kick in play by six.

“Nope,” carman tweeted.

“Some serious questions need to be resolved on defense and special teams. week after week, Suek tweeted.

Black-smith“The defense is a smoking wreck. Joe Flacco did not miss.

fantasies“I’ve seen some bad times. It’s…it’s an all-time low.

Breer“I’m sorry, Cleveland.”

“Browns fans can’t believe what they’re seeing” CBS Sports tweeted.

Powell: “They passed Joe Flacco for the n°5 of the crows!”

Hall“This is the most inexcusable loss I have ever seen. #Brunettes

“Monumental collapse. Epic. 1:55 left and @Jets had no timeout. The Browns led by 13 as @YorkCade missed PAT. The Jets scored on a defensive breakdown. Browns failed to recover from the side kick. Jets score on Wilson td catch and NY win by 1. Incredible #Brunettesformer Fox 8 sportscaster John Telich tweeted.

“What a massive implosion. I have no words. #BrunettesWEWS-TV’s Camryn Justice tweeted.

“It’s a brutal loss for Cleveland. I had several chances to close the game,” ESPN’s Matt Bowen tweeted.

“Cade York went from being a hero last week to missing an extra point with 1:55 left. That kick was the difference. #Brunettes lose by one point! Not all his fault though. Secondary played horrible. Unbelievable. Only in Cleveland. @fox8newsFox 8’s John Sabol tweeted.

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