What’s the buzz about B2B marketing?

The importance of B2B marketing for any business today cannot be overstated. Having been in marketing for nearly two decades, let me first walk you through the basics. Through B2B marketing, other businesses become familiar with your business, your brand, the value of the products or services you offer, and thus can translate into customers for your business. Marketing, in itself, serves a multitude of purposes ranging from generating leads to increasing sales, simply put, the main difference between B2B and B2C marketing is the two distinct target audiences. B2B marketing focuses on serving other businesses, while B2C marketing focuses on customer needs. B2B and B2C marketing can be similar, however, there are several strategic differences when it comes to sales volume, strategy, goals, incentives, drivers, pricing, timelines, and of course processes.

So what’s the buzz in effective B2B marketing today, you might be wondering? Here are some big results-based trends that we definitely need to highlight.


More than 50% of demand-based and account-based (ABM) marketers leverage conversation automation in their mix of tactics. The harmonization of marketing and machines through the use of AI will achieve this sweet spot in terms of optimized interactions and delivery mechanisms. One is able to increase the efficiency of internal processes, identify and empower members of buying and retention groups, as well as improve accuracy and scale. AI is used to coordinate conversations between technologies and tactics; between human and non-human participants. Thus, B2B companies are able to effectively identify and engage with buyers. While mobile apps are seen as the primary mechanism for delivering automated conversations in professional and financial services, virtual events are gaining traction in manufacturing.

Handpicked marketing tools

As of 2020, it has been said that marketers can choose from a selection of over 8,000 marketing tools. Well, in the era of decluttering, it would certainly make sense to step back and consider the pros and cons of any tool before integrating it. It is not mandatory to go with every new option made available. Important factors to consider when choosing a marketing tool are price and specific results. Select tools that can cover a variety of functions. And by all means, stick with the older ones if you think they serve the same purpose as the new ones.

Video Marketing

As millennials, who are now considered the most influential B2B decision makers, consume and interact with large volumes of video on their mobile devices, it is now a given that video content ranks higher than textual content. . Including video links in blogs, for example, has been shown to attract three times more inbound links as well as time spent on a website.

Use emerging technologies such as VR, AR

Many companies these days aren’t afraid to use emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR and Augmented Reality (AR), as these are the best ways to provide potential customers with an immersive experience of your product or Customers also appreciate bold new digital communication channels to learn about new offerings.


With the abundance of data available, personalizing communications in B2B campaigns is an absolute must. By using audience-centric bespoke personalization, one can more meaningfully and effectively engage with a potential customer, catering to their particular tastes and requirements; and while it certainly takes a lot more effort, the results justify the means.

Communication (e-mailing)

A whopping 83% of marketers still use email as their preferred method of communication with current and future customers. In terms of effectiveness, 80% of IT companies say email marketing has the greatest positive influence on customer acquisition. In fact, email open rates on smartphones increased by 40%, while desktop open rates actually decreased by 18%.

A well-rounded B2B marketing campaign is key to capturing potential customer acquisition and retention. Adopting modern processes can definitely improve your consistency and efficiency.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.


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