Why do you need a QR code for your website link?

QR codes make your websites more accessible by smartphones. Therefore, you need to make your website as user-friendly as possible and more mobile-friendly. Imagine how difficult it would be for your customers to enter the URL in the tiny mobile web browser. Instead, your customers can scan your QR codes and navigate to your website or specific link regarding your product or service.

Today, thousands of people use QR codes. In 2021, everyone will use the QR code to diversify their marketing tactics and strengthen the media available for advertising and collateral.

QR code has a unique idea behind it, and that is to create an image that can be read and understood by any device by scanning. Two types of QR codes have been mainly developed: static QR code and dynamic QR code.

What is a static QR code and a dynamic QR code?

The static QR code is where the destination site URL is directly placed, and it cannot be changed and monitored. A static QR code is considered a less useful type of QR code than a dynamic QR code.

On the other hand, dynamic QR code allows users to use the short URL for QR codes which then redirects all users to the provided final destination site URL which can be changed at any time. The short link URL works as the middleman which can easily connect the code and data for the users.

Once the dynamic QR code is generated, you will be able to edit the URL or any file, document or resource in the location. . There’s a reason dynamic QR codes are better than static QR codes. Suppose an individual constantly changes his mind about how he wants to use the website URL or your social media link is changed. On the other hand, the user wants to use the product page URL on their website in the first week and the service page in the second, or even combine the number of pages in a Qr code. These changes will be better understood and make more sense in dynamic QR codes.

Moreover, with a dynamic QR code, you can have your logo, background and URLs to create a real brand experience.

Finally, with the dynamic QR code, you can see when, where, and how your URL or assets were viewed based on location and total unique count of crawls. If you want to try the dynamic QR code and see how it works, sign up for a free 30-day trial or check out our Features webpage for more information.

How to generate static QR codes for your website with DocDrag?

If you want to create a free static QR code, use our free QR code generator. (Note: you cannot edit or monitor static QR codes)

With our advanced free QR code generator, you can:

Create a QR code for a website link or any URL

Design the QR code according to your desired shape, color and format.

Add your logo or any icon in the middle of the QR code

Select a frame for the QR code from our libraries

Justify QR code size and resolution

Print the QR code or export it in different formats (PDF, SVG, PNG)

How to generate dynamic QR codes for your website links with DocDrag?

To create dynamic QR codes and short links, you must first register with Docdrag, then you can use our free short link generator. Do not worry. It’s free for 30 days and no credit card is required. Freely discover all the features of DocDrag.

Follow these three steps to prepare your website’s QR code:

1- Create a category for your websites (eg my website)

2- Create a subcategory for your web links (e.g. Our Sponsored Links)

3- Add your commercial links (for example, our offers, our products, about us and contact us)

A dynamic QR code and a short link are automatically generated for your subcategory and all your commercial links.

Then you can design and print your QR code according to your desired pattern and colors. The short link can also be customized according to the desired name.

By scanning your subcategory’s QR code or clicking on the shortened link, anyone can access the selected links from your website.

Advanced QR code scan analytics and Shortlink visit analytics based on total counts and unique counts.

> Daily, weekly and monthly analysis of your QR codes and short links

> Location analytics based on countries and cities

> Automatic weekly and monthly mail report

> Excel report generator

Why do you need a QR code for your website link?

Where to use QR codes in your business?

You can use QR codes on every print media to be accessible to your customers. Here are some ideas for your business:

If you just need to see how dynamic Qr codes help your business, contact us for more information or sign up for the 30-day free trial.

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