Why mobile retail apps are one of the keys to the 2021 holiday winners and losers

Here are some highlights from the survey:

  • Amazon had the highest penetration among mobile retail apps at 52.5%, with 84.7% of those users planning to purchase on the app while on vacation.
  • Multichannel leaders Walmart (28.8%) and Target (22.3%) ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively, each with at least 70% of its app users expecting to make a purchase.
  • Macy’s (95.0%), Best buy (90.0%), Nike (89.8%), and Nordstrom (89.3%) all had a high holiday purchase intention among those whose apps were downloaded.
  • Markets including Wish.com (43.2%), eBay (50.4%), and Wayfair (51.1%) had the lowest intention to buy for the holidays.

In our recent Holiday Shopping 2021 report, we outline the key dynamics that will determine season winners, including pandemic habit formation (Amazon, Etsy), click-and-collect leaders (Walmart, Target, Best Buy ) and powerful brands (Nike, Lululémon). In each case, their mobile apps support and reinforce their leading positioning to earn more than their fair share of vacation shopping.

Retailers who don’t have to work so hard to grab consumers’ attention and share in the wallet will generate growth and profits. Those who rely heavily on acquiring paying customers will see their bottom line decrease. If you want to know which retailers are going on vacation with an edge over the competition, look no further than their mobile apps.

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