Why Snapchatters are your key audience this holiday season

Snapchat is a unique place during the holiday season. Not only do Snapchatters spend a lot of time communicating and sharing special moments with their friends and loved ones around the world, they also turn to Snapchat as their holiday gift guide to browse brands, create wishlists and buy the perfect gifts over and over again.

The Snapchat generation are avid givers and gift recipients throughout the holidays. They feel it’s the best time of the year and believe that giveaways are an essential part of the celebration, which is why their shopping isn’t limited to great shopping moments like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Snapchatters start shopping in October1, and continue to shop throughout the holiday season, with the majority of their shopping happening on mobile.

Mobile shopping has become more than a trend, but a new reality. In fact, 67% of all ecommerce sales this year will come from mobile2. With consumers officially switching from desktop to mobile to shop, as a brand, you’ll want to connect with savvy mobile consumers this holiday season. Snapchatters are a first-generation mobile who buys 20% more online than other consumers3 and have incredible global purchasing power – $ 4.4 trillion and growing.4

As you plan your holiday marketing campaigns and digital advertising strategies, here’s why Snapchatters are the target audience that could help you grow your business this giveaway season.

For tips and best practices on how your business can reach Snapchatters and get real results this festive shopping season, download our Holiday advertising playbook on Snapchat.

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