Woman warns against hacking Chipotle app in Viral TikTok

Commenters on a viral TikTok were sympathetic after a user explained how they lost over $200 due to a problem with the Chipotle app.

Posted by TikTok user @lilhibachibaby, the viral video is captioned “@Chipotle I’m sad”, and has been viewed 63.5,000 times.

“This is a public service announcement to unlink your card from your Chipotle account,” the TikToker began.

Explaining that she received a text from their bank regarding suspicious activity on her debit cords, @lilhibachibaby said she was in disbelief when she found out how much she had been charged for a trio of online orders.

“I look at my bank statements, and I look at my email and there are three Chipotle transactions for over $200,” she said. “I wonder, how do you order $200 worth of food at Chipotle?”

In 2019, Newsweek reported several similar complaints from other Chipotle customers.

Throughout numerous Twitter and Reddit threads, customers complained that orders had been placed on their accounts without their knowledge and suggested that their payment details had been stolen by hackers infiltrating the restaurant chain’s app. .

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Chipotle denied the allegations, saying Newsweek that there was “no indication of a breach of Chipotle’s databases or systems”.

Last August, however, McAfee reported that the restaurant’s email provider, Mailgun, had been hacked, allowing hackers to “take over the company’s email marketing efforts” through a series of attacks. phishing scams.

In a phishing scam, hackers can obtain data from unsuspecting customers by sending hundreds of emails every day containing fake links and malicious attachments, according to the internet security firm.

Although @lilhibachibaby didn’t reveal if she was targeted by a phishing scam in 2021, the TikToker said she immediately filed fraud charges with her bank and detailed the most “annoying” parts of the story. hacking on the Chipotle app.

“I call my bank and I’m on hold for 20 minutes to get in touch with someone. When I do, I’m filing fraud charges, obviously,” she said.

“To make things more annoying, the people who hacked into my account also changed the email that was linked to the account so that I couldn’t even log in to withdraw my debit card,” she wrote. for follow-up. “So now I’m waiting for a new debit card and also waiting to try and get my account back.”

Throughout the comments section of the TikTok viral, many users expressed their sympathy for @lilhibachibaby and shared their similar experiences using the Chipotle app.

“Omggg this happened to me 2 months ago,” one commenter wrote. “Chipotle was no help over the phone. You literally have to email them and completely delete your account.”

“It happened to me!” Added another user. “They completely changed my ID so I couldn’t log in. Then they charged about $400 in 8 orders to my card!”

Warning @lilhibachibaby and hundreds of commenters of other similar scams, one commenter said customers using apps are vulnerable to hackers.

“This can happen with any site where you save card information,” they wrote. “Be careful [because] it’s not just Chipotle that can be hacked!”

Newsweek has reached out to Chipotle and @lilhibachibaby for comment.

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