Y Dream Home website crash bothers some

This year the Y Dream Home Lottery was a nightmare for some who thought they had bought a ticket for the chance to win a brand new home in Westsyde, only to be refunded and left without registration.

“I’m just so disappointed,” Christine Harrington told KTW, noting that her family have bought tickets in recent years and can’t wait to dream home day when the award winners are announced.

“I know there are a lot of people who are upset.”

Harrington logged into the Y Dream Home Lottery website on May 4, the day tickets went on sale. She said she entered the required information, but the website crashed.

While at work, the owner of the Kamloops business checked the website for two hours, hoping to acquire tickets.

The website came back and she was able to order a five-ticket and 50/50 appetizer pack for a Dream Home.

However, despite a notification of congratulations on his tickets and a $ 500 charge on his credit card, Harrington’s tickets never arrived.

She said she received an email telling her the tickets were attached in a PDF, but they weren’t there. She sent an email, requesting the tickets and received an email in return.

Harrington said she was told something went wrong with the transaction and that she would be refunded.

“I immediately went to the website to see if there were any tickets still available and they were all sold out,” she said.

Something similar happened to Michael Martin, who also said he was disappointed to have bought tickets to Dream Home for about a decade. A family member won Dream Home in Orchards Walk last year, so he knows how important it is to get a ticket.

“The house she got last year is amazing,” said Martin. “It’s a good thing and I’ve always supported the Y… it’s something we’ve always believed in. To have that, it’s like, wait a minute, something’s wrong here. “

What bothers Martin is that people were able to buy tickets after him because the tickets continued to be sold. He questioned fairness and complained to the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch. Harrington also sent an email to this executing agency. KTW has contacted the Gaming Policy and Law Enforcement Branch and is awaiting a response.

Harrington suggested redoing the lottery. The couple just want to have a chance on the dream.

“Ultimately, I would love to see those of us who have had this problem get tickets,” Martin said.

Y Dream Home Lottery spokesperson Bryce Herman said the online process went to one of three ticket processors approved by BC gaming regulators and was out of the box. control of the Y.

He said purchasing tickets is a two-step process involving the ticket processing company, Darelle Media Inc., and Moneris, which processes the payments.

He said people who thought they bought a ticket were actually given a purchase order number, which is then processed for ticket distribution.

A joint statement with Darelle Media Inc. on the Y Dream Home Lottery Facebook page states that “unprecedented volumes and speed of transactions created an error during the execution of the purchase order and the award transaction of tickets…”

“We understand he broke down in that secondary link, to get the tickets issued,” Herman explained. “So people were billed, but when they got back into the system, that’s where the faults happened, so those tickets were never sent to the person who had a PO number. They had a purchase order, but they didn’t have a ticket number. “

Herman said Darelle Media Inc. found the transactions to be wrong and then contacted around 170 affected people.

He said those involved in the annual charity fundraiser had lost sleep over the problem. In addition to the countless hours spent by tradespeople building the dream home, it took years to put together the charity event, which supports the YMCA.

“We’ve worked really hard to make a charity lottery a big success and, like we say, we just had the death embrace of love,” Herman said.

“Because what is happening is that it has been so successful that people have embraced it so quickly that the system has literally been overtaken and has not been able to keep pace.”

Darelle Media Inc. has been in contact with the Gaming Policy and Law Enforcement Branch to brief them on what happened, the online statement read, noting that “the incident report appropriate has been submitted… ”

Herman said he was not worried about future licenses, as there were no issues with the integrity of the design. His greatest concern is those who are upset, left without a ticket.

“We are extremely sorry and it was beyond our control, but we are working with this organization to expedite its resolution as quickly as possible on a human level,” he said.

The 18,000 Y Dream Home tickets and 32,000 50/50 tickets sold out in record time 53 hours after they went on sale at 9 a.m. on May 4.

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