ZAIM Credit Systems PLC Launches Mobile Application to Improve Customer Experience


The company also said it expects the app to increase repeat customers, build loyalty, and provide in-depth behavioral analytics.

ZAIM Credit Systems PLC () said it has launched a branded mobile application designed to enhance the experience of its customers.

The fintech company said the app will be available on Android and iOS devices and is expected to increase the number of loyal customers, boost customer loyalty and provide in-depth analysis of customer behavior.

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The application allows customers to calculate loan amounts, apply for and receive loans and information about their status. It also keeps loan and payment history, customer data, allows adding credit or debit card, linking and unlinking with customer account and supports full or partial repayment. loans.

ZAIM added that the app also serves as a sales channel for additional products, promotions and discounts. The company also said the app would act as an “additional accelerator” of business volume growth.

“The successful launch of the Zaim mobile app is an important step in the path of increasing Fintech content in our business model. It creates the opportunity to expand the knowledge we have of our customers, to understand their needs. , their attitudes and to provide information and data that will lead Zaim in creating next-generation services, ”ZAIM Managing Director Siro Cicconi said in a statement.

“The app creates new revenue streams, including the ability to cross-sell with products from potential partners, while allowing existing customers to access our products faster and easier. In an increasingly digital world, this expansion of our online offering will allow more people to access financial products that many of us take for granted.

“With the rapidly growing online customer base, we expect the app to become a significant growth engine for our business. The mobile application establishes direct contact with all users who have installed it and with the help of notifications about promotions, discounts and bonuses, it is expected to increase the number of repeat customers and also market future products that the Group will launch. We remain excited about the company’s future prospects and look forward to updating the market with our regular quarterly updates on timely business volumes, ”added the CEO.


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