Zendaya explains how ‘anxious’ social media makes her

Zendaya explains how ‘anxious’ social media makes her

Zendaya, a star who usually goes “inactive” on social media quite often, finally explained her reasons and revealed that it was because spending too much time on social media made her “anxious.”

The Euphoria The actor personally explained the reason why she went into “shy kid” mode in a frank conversation.

During his interview with People, the 25-year-old actor revealed, “I’ve always been a shy kid. I would find that being on social media would make me a little anxious, or I would start to think too much.”

The Dune The star also shared that taking a break from these platforms throughout the year has often kept her from feeling “overwhelmed.”

The Prime Time Emmy Award winner said: “I haven’t posted, and my fans probably hate it, which I understand. But I’m too overwhelmed to have to post stuff, and if I think about it too much, I won’t. It’s not worth it.

The actor, who has millions of subscribers on his official accounts, also shared words of gratitude for the fans who continue to understand and support her, saying, “(My fans) want me to be happy and that I exist beyond social media. “

Rather than pressuring herself to stay active on social media, Zendaya likes to do whatever she wants and said, “I prefer to do what I love and then post when I have a project to promote.”

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